Streamer INVIS gives feedback on RoS

  • Hey guys,

    Thought I'd share this video that the streamer INVIS made. Some good thoughts. I hope that the Diablo team watches this well!!
  • 11/01/2014 22:55Posted by Turtle
    I hope that the Diablo team watches this well!!

    We sure are watching. INVIS makes some great videos and his feedback is great as well :-)
  • 13/01/2014 14:23Posted by Aspyde
    ok and what about the failure of Demon hunter? no 1 streamer is giving feedback about this class because nobody wants to play a weak and a fail class. Please can you make a real DEMON HUNTER and not a chicken hunter?

    This is a great example of how not to post feedback, as there is nothing I can say to this that will lead to a fruitful discussion. If you want us to take your concerns seriously, please try to post them in a constructive manner instead of making sweeping statements. For an example, if you think Demon Hunters are underperforming in the Reaper of Souls beta, try to post some examples that help illustrate why you think that way. If you have already reached the conclusion that Demon Hunters are lacklustre, then try to post some data that supports your reasoning.

    Posts with such examples and data often lead to really great feedback and questions that we can forward to the developers for them to look at.

    13/01/2014 14:23Posted by Aspyde
    @Vaneras please answer about the actual demon hunter state.

    Rest assured that I will post answers and feedback whenever I am able, but please keep in mind that any new information I get on Demon Hunters will likely be posted as a reply to more objective posts.

    13/01/2014 14:46Posted by INVIS
    Thanks Vaneras for commenting on my video, I will be out of country for a week and when I come back I will find some more time to make a more detail post and maybe a better video.

    No worries. Look forward to seeing your future feedback when you return. :-)

    13/01/2014 14:46Posted by INVIS
    I don't know much about DH so I won't be able to say much about this class, but as far as I could tell from the game play of my friends and people on streams, DH is by all means not weak in RoS. A lot of skills have been buffed and with the right legendary, it's hard to imagine they will be weak in RoS. If any of you are DH playing RoS, please comments on this.

    I second this request :-)
  • 17/01/2014 15:08Posted by Element4ry
    Well I think feedback discussions are a very good thing, though I'd also think on the most parts we should wait till RoS is out before seriously discussing every little thing.

    While we certainly recommended everyone to keep in mind that the current state of the classes is not final and will likely be different after the launch of the expansion, it is still a good thing for everyone to provide feedback now. The reasons for this is that a lot of class tuning is happening throughout the beta, which means that a lot of things are being tested and experimented with in each and every beta/PTR patch, and it is helpful to us when players are telling us their experiences with how the different classes plays and feels after each of these patches :-)