Post Simple Solutions Topic (Febr. 19th revision)

  • Febr. 6th and 12th patch revisions (updated on Febr. 19th, 2014)

    The positive news is that the majority of issues have been at least acknowledged and a great number was looked into, in some cases applying the suggested solutions or modified versions of them.

    The difficulty system (which include monster health and experience gain) requires further evaluation and balancing, but at least the first attempts are present, so there´s hope that the process will continue.

    One of the most pressing issues right now seems to be the itemization. Examples include mandatory sockets (in weapons, helm, chest and pants), mandatory 3/4 primary rolls on weapons, inferior 2H weapons, 16 stats competing for 4 primary slots on amulets and 15 on rings and secondary stats feeling useless to many people to an extent.

    The other pressing issue is the reward system, which still doesn´t create an incentive to progress into higher difficulties instead of speedfarming the lower ones.

    I revised the original list and also considered the points brought up after the Jan 16th patch. You can read the previous versions below this updated list.

    Longer version (feedback)

    Concise version (solutions) below


    4. Removing Scrolls of Mysteries – no more game breaking elite and boss bonuses
    5. Bugged enchanting display – removed legacy gear enchanting instead :/
    11. Rift Guardian spawning – appears later now
    12. Rift Guardian reward – improved (Forgotten Soul and Blood Shards)
    21. Paragon UI key binding – paragon is “P” now and profile is “Shift+P”
    24. Paragon Cooldown Reduction – works now
    25. Renaming paragon Area Damage – all Splash sources were renamed into Area instead lol
    31. Melee and Ranged damage reduction – now listed properly under Secondary stats
    36. Siegebreaker´s reflect damage – now uses a more manageable modified version of the new mechanic
    37. Skill damage bonuses – items no longer roll wrong stats from other classes

    Acknowledged or addressed but not completely solved

    1. Monster density – balanced at a suboptimal level compared to 1.0.8, frequent half-empty rift levels, fairly empty level 1 dungeons and act 2 lacking in density overall - note that this doesn´t account for any density adjustments since Febr. 9th
    -> <- updated area-by-area feedback
    2. Experience gain – significantly increased (42-48x when accounting for base XP, difficulty XP bonus and reduced monster health) but might be too high on higher difficulties
    3. Monster health – rescaled alongside incoming damage, may require further balancing; Furnace & Rimeheart are still in the game
    -> <- health scaling
    -> <- damage scaling
    6. All bounties require monster kills – Wyatt acknowledged Crazy Climber type of gameplay should not be more rewarding than Rifts
    7. Participation as bounty requirement – being in the clearing area needed to gain the reward but still doesn´t apply to “event” bounties and to Horadric Caches
    8.-10. Rift Keystone tiers bound to difficulties, combining RK, RK drops from elites
    -> <- bounty reward discussion with solutions
    -> <- split farming discussion with solutions
    15. Separate inventory storage for mats/gems/potions – planned for the future with auto-pickup mats
    16. Blood Shard cap and difficulty scaling – lower shard gain overall, but still no proper difficulty scaling implemented (Expert = T6)
    18. Stash space – one more tab is a good start, very likely won´t be enough
    28. Two-handed weapon inferiority – increased base weapon aps but reduced base weapon damage; unfortunately devs think 2H are in a good place right now
    -> <- supporting arguments
    30. Healing stats on gear – buffed values instead of moving to Secondary stats, still can´t compete properly, but apparently paragon Regen will be nerfed instead
    38. Ubers – Diablo encounter is slightly more difficult, but drops are limited to Torment and aren´t guaranteed; Hellfire Ring effect has a crazy 45-46 second cooldown
    -> <- hellfire ring mechanics and discussion
    39. Movement Speed – slightly better pacing through density but mobility skills feel mandatory in bounty and rift clears; base movement speed of characters is too slow and should be at current +25%; remove stat cap from gear and paragon

    Not addressed at all yet

    13. Crafting rolls display – knowing what you might get just like when Enchanting
    14. Material combining – material management based on individual needs of the player
    17. Salvage out of town – inventory space management; unlikely to happen anytime soon
    19. Player-friendly character inventory access or overview – without creating a new game each time, a needed quality of life change
    20. Material drops in stacks – to perform less clicks, even more single mat pieces drop now
    22. Substract paragon points or input values – misplacing a point requires reset
    23. Paragon UI “accept” closing the window – no point in having “close” then
    26. Additional paragon stat options (class specific affix, elite damage bonus, CC reduction, resource gen bonus, health globes over gold find); Critical Hit Chance was nerfed form 10% to 5% and +0.10 aps was changed to 10% IAS
    27. Round-robin paragon point distribution revision – punishing to new/casual players with less points because stat gains on a per-point basis feels negligible
    29. “Add sockets” to solve mandatory socket situation in weapons, helm, chest armor and pants
    32. Listing sockets under Primary stats and not Secondary stats if they are kept in categorization
    33. All Resistance vs single Resistance limitation and OWE confirmed to be the culprit
    -> <- reasoning and solutions
    34. LoH vs LaeK limitations on items
    39. Crowd Control - still triggered by unavoidable damage which may chain into frustrating levels


    Version 2 (revised after Jan.16th patch)
    The original list is located below the updated one.

    Additional feedback
    - Monster density in the new patch. (covered all the main areas in all acts and noticed positive improvements)

    - Hellfire Ring farming system for everyone. (suggestions for the process of obtaining the rings, in hopes of not repeating the vanilla mistakes)

    Major bugs
    - Enchanting is bugged more than before
    - paragon cooldown reduction still doesn´t work
    - skill damage bonuses from other classes still roll on your smart drops (for example Crusader´s Punish on Barb drops)

    Updated list after new patch.

    Note that this was originally a response to the recent very critical feedback that I´ve read, which is related to the current state of the beta. Solutions to the issues that players have outlined in their feedback posts most frequently.

    1. Monster health
    - remove all effects that deal damage based on monster health (internal cooldowns and exceptions are simply bandaids)
    - rescale monster health
    - limit Crit Damage if it´s the main scaling factor
    - adjust specific shielding effects that simply prolong battles in an unneeded fashion like Corrupted Angels (physical attackers have no chance to kill them in a reasonable amount of time) or DC Occultist (5 sec invulnerability instead of damage reduction now???)

    2. Stat categorisation and itemization
    - remove sockets from the categorisation and add sockets for mats to all gear slots
    - allow LoH and Laek to roll on the same item
    - allow All Resistance and single Resistance to roll on the same item, adjust OWE instead
    - improve Two-Handed weapon stats, adjust Heavenly Strength instead
    - diversify the sources of class specific affixes
    - move all healing sources to Secondary stats
    - consider increasing Primary stat rolls to 5
    - cinsider keeping Secondary stat rolls at 2 and make legendary affix an additional stat which doesn´t take up one of the two Secondary stats slots

    "Long tooltips" can´t be an issue when there´s currently legendary descriptions which are longer than all stat rolls (Thunderfury has 5 lines of legendary text for example). You have the "expert tooltips" advanced setting for that.

    3. Crowd Control
    - prevent stacking/refreshing of the same sources on the player side and revise some of the durations like Frozen (refreshing 2.5 sec duration is absurd)
    - increase the number of CC reduction sources (slots) on gear and as a defensive paragon stat

    4. Crafting/Enchanting materials
    - allow combining/salvaging of materials so you can manage resources based on your needs and gameplay preferences
    - also fixes the issue with stash space as you can store them as one material and then combine / salvage into those you need
    - let trash monsters drop more crafting mats
    - mats should drop in stacks

    5. Shards
    - progressive rewards per difficulty (same reward for Expert and Torment VI still being in the game is silly)
    - consider using shards for adding sockets
    - use shards to purchase crafting mats
    - gambling should produce mostly white items, some magic items, a few rare items and rarely legendaries (for example 50%-35%-15%-1%)
    - increase probabilities of getting legendary items as rewards from monster slaying compared to gambling

    6. Bounties
    - progressive bounty rewards for subsequent bounties (staying in the game)
    - require monster kills to complete all bounties
    - require direct player participation in completing a bounty just like it was required to get NV stacks
    - make rift key tiers related to the difficulty they were farmed in
    - allow rift keys to be combineable into a higher tier key

    7. Rifts
    - require more monster kills to spawn a guardian- or add another guardian when you continue clearing the rift
    - guardians should be able to drop Forgotten Souls, mats in stacks, lots of gold and have a higher chance to drop legendary items
    - give elites and goblins a small chance to drop rift keys
    - create a special rift that costs more rift keys with just elite packs and goblins
    - create a special rift that costs much more rift keys with all bosses, mini bosses and keywardens

    8. Inventory/stash space
    - increase stack size of mats to 10K and potions to 1000
    - two more stash tabs
    - separate 10x1 inventory row for gems (5), mats (4) and potions (1)
    - monsters drop more mats
    - salvage out of town

    9. Class drops
    - in multiplayer you get drops based on your own class and not based on which classes you play with

    10. Split farming
    - repeating solution from point #8 (bounties) - require direct player participation in completing a bounty just like it was required to get NV stacks

    11. Movement speed
    - increase the base movement speed of characters to the current +25% MS value; moblity system improvement suggestions - increase the monster density in areas that are still quite empty (mostly A2) so that there aren´t such big gaps between monsters (a link to my complete density feedback is located at the beginning of this post)


    Original list

    Here´s a list of solutions to the majority of issues present in the current RoS beta:

    1. Increase trash monster density outside of Rifts to be at least close to 1.0.8 levels or implement a density slider.
    2. Increase the experience gain in RoS because it´s a fraction of patch 1.0.8.
    3. Remove all skill and gear effects that deal damage based on monster health or which outright skip it. Only then you can rescale monster health.
    4. Remove Scrolls of Mysteries. Reasoning and discussion here
    5. Fix the display of Enchanting reroll possibilities.
    6. Each bounty requires unique or trash monster kills and not waiting for x seconds or running towards point y (so that players don´t reset T6 games for those easier bounties).
    7. To gain a bounty reward, you have to be in the area of the clear (no more leeching from town).
    8. Implement a tiering system to guaranteed rewards like Rift Keys so that playing the lowest difficulty isn´t the most rewarding way to play the game.
    9. Allow lower level tiers of Rift Keys to be combined into a higher level Rift Key.
    10. Give elite packs and goblins a small chance to drop Rift Keys that scales with difficulty level.
    11. Require more monster kills to spawn a Rift Guardian or add a second boss that spawns much later.
    12. Improve rewards for clearing Rifts.
    13. Add a display for crafting roll possibilities.
    14. Make mats combineable/salvageable into other mats (Parts<->Dust<->Crystal<->Breath<->Soul) so that each player can manage their own resources based on their needs and preferred play style. If Breaths and Souls are out of the question, Parts/Dust/Crystals would suffice.
    15. Create a separate inventory space for mats, gems and potions and increase mats stacking to 10,000 and potions to 1000.
    16. Seriously do something with the annoying 500 Shard cap and make their numbers as rewards scale with difficulty level. Getting the same number for clearing Expert level and Torment VI makes no sense.
    17. Introduce a way to salvage out of town or access our stash so that we don´t have to port to town every few minutes to salvage/vendor items. If it has to make logical sense, let us pay Haedrig an hourly fee to accompany us.
    18. More stash space to store the game-changing legendaries and set items to test their combinations.
    19. A window to access the inventories of all our characters and maybe even move items between them (try to use the old AH interface).
    20. Drop mats in stacks to lower the number of clicks we have to perform.
    21. Add a key binding option to directly open the Paragon distribution window.
    22. Substract points button or input paragon point values.
    23. Clicking "Accept" doesn´t close the paragon window.
    24. Fix the cooldown reduction paragon stat so that it actually works.
    25. Rename "Area Damage" to "Splash Damage".
    26. Add 5 more stats to the paragon system:
    Utility -> Resource generation bonus Defense -> Crowd Control reduction Core -> class specific affix (Fury heal, Spirit heal, APoC, Max Discipline/Hatred Regen, Mana regen/Mana on kills, Wrath heal)Offense -> Elite damage bonuschange Gold Find into Health Globe healing bonus in Utility27. Revise the decision of the round-robin distribution system and allow free stat allocation.
    28. Increase the stats on 2H weapons to be more competitive with 1H weapons. Change Heavenly Strength instead of gimping 2H weapons.
    29. Solve the issue with Sockets being an absolutely mandatory affix on weapons, helms, chest and pants by making them a 7th extra affix that you can add for materials (Shards). Sockets in rares would cost less than sockets in legendaries.
    30. Move all healing affixes to Secondary stats.
    31. Melee and Ranged damage reduction should be listed under Secondary stats because they are Secondary stats.
    32. Sockets should be listed under Primary stats if you keep them as Primary.
    33. Allow All Resistance and single resistance to roll on the same item. Change One with Everything instead.
    34. Allow Life on Hit and Life after each Kill to roll on the same item.
    35. Smart drops should solely depend on your own character and not take into account what classes you run with in a party.

    If you can come up with more solutions, please post them. There is not much more time for an complete overhaul until the release date, although there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed.ࠀo
  • Thanks for putting this list together! I've seen some of these suggestions in other threads, and have been taking notes to pass along to the developers. I have a question, though.

    01/09/2014 08:49 AMPosted by Nubtro
    Fix the display of Enchanting reroll possibilities.

    What's the current problem that you're encountering with the possible affixes in the Enchanting window?
  • Thanks for clarifying, everyone. I made sure this bug was in the Reaper of Souls Bug Report forum. Thanks again!
  • Hey everyone!

    I'm gathering feedback on a couple of key points, and since once of the topics I want to explore more is covered in here, I thought I'd give it a bump and ask for some additional clarifications:

    01/09/2014 08:49 AMPosted by Nubtro
    3. Remove all skill and gear effects that deal damage based on monster health or which outright skip it. Only then you can rescale monster health.

    I can think of a couple of items/skills, like The Furnace and Exploding Palm, that are likely the culprits in this situation. Are there any others with this or similar effects that you feel we should be taking another look at?

    I feel as though the real crux of this issue is the belief that monster health is too high. Are there certain difficulties where monster health feels "just right" or is there a notable place where it begins to feel out of hand?

    Any other comments or concerns about this topic in particular would be really helpful, such as why you feel this brings a negative impact or anything else you feel might apply to this particular piece of feedback.
  • Thanks for all the great, detailed info! I've passed on another bundle of feedback this morning for review.

    As always, your efforts are extremely appreciated. =)
  • Popping back in here again!

    First off, I want to thank you, Nubtro, for not only putting this together, but maintaining this thread, as well as for everyone who's been positively contributing. This collection has been a huge boon to both the Community team and Development. Many of the topics presented have been included in a lot of our reports, and we've discussed many of them in depth during meetings.

    I'd like to take some time to share some of what we've talked about. Because there's so much here, I'll be coming back to tackle more topics. I'll try to include as much as I can, but of course, sometimes I won't have answers to certain questions or it might be a topic we're just not ready to talk about yet. This will likely result in me jumping around from topic to topic. Just bear that in mind. =)

    Monster Health:

    - remove all effects that deal damage based on monster health (internal cooldowns and exceptions are simply bandaids)
    - rescale monster health

    We're currently evaluating both of these pieces of feedback. While I don't have specific information to provide, it is something on our radar that's being looked into.

    - limit Crit Damage if it´s the main scaling factor

    Not sure that it is, but I'll bring it up to the appropriate peeps (the non-marshmallow kind).

    - adjust specific shielding effects that simply prolong battles in an unneeded fashion like Corrupted Angels (physical attackers have no chance to kill them in a reasonable amount of time) or DC Occultist (5 sec invulnerability instead of damage reduction now???)

    Also already on my list to pass on. Please let me know if there are other monsters that you feel fall into this category. The more specific, the better!

    Outstanding Bugs
    - Enchanting is bugged more than before

    We're aware of the bugs indicated in this thread, and working on them. No ETA at this time on when these fixes will be available.

    - paragon cooldown reduction still doesn´t work

    This bug has been addressed internally, but unfortunately didn't make it into this past patch. Should be fixed by the time the patch hits live.

    - skill damage bonuses from other classes still roll on your smart drops (for example Crusader´s Punish on Barb drops)

    I am super interested in additional reports on this. Do you mean on any items, or on class-specific items (such as Punish bonuses showing up on a Mighty Belt)? If you're receiving a bonus on an item that looks like a smart drop, but could feasibly be used by the class the bonus applies for, it might not be a smart drop! Just unfortunate luck. If it's the latter, then I'd appreciate additional reports of this occurring so I can pass it on to QA.

    All I have time for at the moment. I'll come back when I have a bit more time and more clarification on some of the other points. =)
  • Happy Monday, everyone!

    I have a little bit of news on this topic, so I'll share what I can this fine afternoon. =D

    6. Bounties
    - progressive bounty rewards for subsequent bounties (staying in the game)
    - require monster kills to complete all bounties
    - require direct player participation in completing a bounty just like it was required to get NV stacks
    - make rift key tiers related to the difficulty they were farmed in
    - allow rift keys to be combineable into a higher tier key

    Some of you may have noticed I recently updated the Closed Beta Hotfix thread with a new upcoming hotfix.

    We recognize that split farming is an issue, and one that we want to address. Our first step will be the above referenced hotfix that will prevent players from receiving a reward if they are not in the relevant area when a bounty is completed. At this time, I'm unable to provide an ETA for when this hotfix will go live, but I'll keep you updated! You can also keep an eye on the Hotfix thread, as I'll move the fix to Live when it becomes available.

    This is just a first step to addressing this concern, as we are also looking into other possible adjustments or solutions. =)
  • 01/27/2014 01:17 PMPosted by Valsuvius
    I like these changes

    Just to clarify, I was quoting what was requested in the original post, not listing all of those as upcoming changes. The only change I mentioned at the time is that players not in the area when a bounty is completed won't be rewarded. Want to be clear on that for those who only read Blue Trackers and not full threads. ;)

    01/27/2014 01:40 PMPosted by DrothVader
    Or was that simply just an oversight in the notes?

    This was just an oversight in the wording. I'll revise it a bit in a moment, as I just found out this went live a few minutes ago. =) The intent is that a player shouldn't receive a reward at all if they are not in the area when the bounty is completed.

    01/27/2014 05:30 PMPosted by donkdonkle
    1) Change the Multiplayer Party buff to an aura.

    I just found out this was another fix pushed out alongside the above hotfix. You'll need to be within 100 yards of another player in order to receive the multiplayer buff now. Also will be adding this to the hotfix thread momentarily.
  • New day, new topic!

    01/09/2014 08:49 AMPosted by Nubtro
    - Hellfire Ring farming system for everyone. (suggestions for the process of obtaining the rings, in hopes of not repeating the vanilla mistakes)

    There's a lot to cover on this topic, so bear with me. Incoming Wall o' Text!

    First off, I want to stress that the intent behind the Hellfire Ring system is to exist as end-game content. It's not necessarily meant for everyone - not everyone enjoys that style of play. It offers a cool reward for those who are dedicated to completing the journey, and gives you an easily identifiable goal.

    It's also not meant to be something you complete in the first week of launch. It should be challenging, and take time to conquer. It should also get more rewarding at higher difficulties, and I'll cover that a bit below. All said, there was definitely room for improvement and we've learned a lot from the first iteration of the Infernal Machine event.

    Let's use bullet points, because they're pretty and organized:

      The new Hellfire Ring will not have a level requirement on it. The current level requirement is actually a bug and not intended.The new Hellfire Ring is guaranteed to offer both the Legendary proc (which scales with weapon damage) and bonus experience.Like all crafted items, it will also roll with Smart Loot rules when created, so you can be sure your Barbarian won't craft something that was more useful for a Demon Hunter. (Just be sure to craft on the character you want to use it on!)Infernal Machines are now crafted for specific portals, so you can focus your efforts on the encounters that drop the crafting materials you need most.Remember that the 100% drop rate for Keys and Crafting Materials is purely for testing purposes at this time. As of next patch, the Infernal Machine event will only be accessible in Torment I and above. Higher levels of Torment will increase the drop rates of both the Keys and the Crafting Materials.

    We've also been paying close attention to the Focused Feedback thread, and have several additional changes coming as a result of your extensive testing. This includes:
      Because Torment I is now required to run the event, the fights are now significantly more challenging.The Hellfire Ring proc will be undergoing a bit of a mechanical and visual rework. It will be a ground-based damage over time ability. I think I'll leave the new visuals a surprise for now. ;)In the Diablo fight, all bosses summoned by Diablo must now also be defeated to successfully complete the fight. This should significantly increase the challenge.

    We have a couple of bugs being worked on as well, including adjusting the damage on Maghda's Arcane Sentries and requiring Level 70 Infernal Machines to open the new event.
  • Happy Friday! I have lots of text and info to share, so this is not for the faint of heart. ;P

    01/30/2014 04:17 AMPosted by Nubtro
    Part of the reason was how relatively low the experience gain is in RoS, but I´ve read a blue response recently stating that experience gain and paragon leveling was being revised, so we´ll see.

    That sounds like one of my posts. ;P The short version is you will see significant changes in the speed of Paragon leveling next Beta patch and it will be more noticeable at higher Paragon levels than lower levels. So let's set that aside from this conversation, as that is really part of a different discussion.

    01/30/2014 05:14 AMPosted by Eclipse
    I guess your so-called "Smart Loot" must be broken because it gave me two Vit HF rings (no Str/Dex/Int) and my friend got one today without Str, Dex, Int or Vit.

    There seems to be a misunderstanding of what Smart Loot really entails. Here are the basics:
      Smart Loot doesn't ensure you get completely 100% optimized gear with every drop, nor does it guarantee that you will receive a primary stat on an itemWhat it does is limit the pool of affixes to stats appropriate for your class so that you are more likely to get something you can use. It also prevents rolls from occurring on gear that your class can't benefit from at all, such as seeing bonus Electrocute damage on a Fist weapon or Intelligence on a Mighty Weapon.

    The item is still randomly rolled, which has always been and will continue to be a core mechanic of Diablo. In the case of the new Hellfire Ring, you know going into it that it will be a ring, have a strong proc, high bonus experience, and won't roll stats you cannot use at all. If you get something that's close to what you’re looking for, you can then refine it with the Mystic. That's really quite a lot of control.

    I do want to clarify that this is a bit different from the old ring, which did roll with a specific main stat, like Strength. For the new ring, we condensed the recipes down to one because it previously felt a little clunky, and instead applied Smart Loot to the crafting experience. Ensuring a main stat on top of that would have also resulted a fewer number of random rolls available on the ring, because a stat would have been basically decided for you.

    Ultimately, what this provides is more freedom and variety in what can roll on the item (so you have four chances for some juicy Critical Strike rather than three, for example), while also adding a little risk to the process. And as I said above, the Mystic is always there to fill gaps for the stats you want.

    01/30/2014 05:14 AMPosted by Eclipse
    On an unrelated note, I'm still seeing a lot of Dex Staves and Int Bows. *yawn*

    Monks are able to equip staves, and both Wizards and Witch Doctors can equip bows. They might not be the more commonly used options by those classes, but they are able to be equipped and usable by those classes. If, however, you are seeing something like Hand Crossbows dropping with Intelligence, we definitely want to hear about it and I recommend you post your findings in our Bug Report forum.

    It’s also important to note that not all drops will be Smart Drops. Rather, items have a chance to be a Smart Drop. This means that you will still encounter items that are pure random rolls and not specifically tailored to your character.

    01/30/2014 08:53 AMPosted by Fury
    As to some content being restricted to Torment, it is necessary to force players to push themselves forward and try higher difficulties. It's supposed to be a challenge.

    This is the intent! I'm glad it shows. We want players to have a clear goal with appreciable rewards. I'd like to see what you all think after the next Beta patch, but it's something we'll keep an eye on and I'll continue to gather and pass on feedback for it.

    *Edited for typo*