Nephalem Rift Bugs - Please Read! - 1/7/14

  • Hi Everyone,

    We hope that you are all enjoying the Reaper of Souls Beta so far and are having a great time helping us squash those bugs! Your reports have been incredibly helpful to us so far, but going forward, we would like to request a bit of additional information when you submit bug reports related specifically to Nephalem Rifts.

    Going forward, please try to include a link to a screenshot showing the environment of the Rift you were in when you encountered the bug. If you are unable to provide a screenshot, please do your best to describe what the environment looks like (i.e. "The area looks similar to the Keep Depths"). The names of the Rifts are randomized so including the name listed in the upper right corner of the screen does not really help us when we are trying to reproduce these issues internally.

    Thanks a ton, and keep those reports coming!