Crash running around

  • Twice now my game has crashed while randomly running around in adventure mode. Both times I get an error box in windows with options to restart and to submit what happened.

    The problem is that the game doesn't restart, or if it does it is not on my task bar or in the running applications list. According the the client, the game is "playing now". I am forced to manually go into task manager and kill the Diablo 3 process.
  • It's likely that the Agent.exe (or possibly Diablo III.exe) process is still in the process of closing when you hit restart and that is why it doesn't immediately launch. This can definitely happen, depending on the nature of the crash.

    The best way you can help us diagnose the crash itself is to make sure you are going ahead and typing in information on what caused the crash in the box and hitting the submit button so it is sent to our database for review.