My RoS beta account was just wiped clean. Everything reset.

  • Played all morning with my WD. Rift runs and crafting mostly. Left the game to switch over to my wiz to see if their was an item she could use and was suddenly booted to the log in screen. Logged back in and everything was reset. Level 70 crusader is gone. All the standard characters I got to 70 have been reseted to 60. All the gear I got in the beta is gone. The menu tips giving explanations on whats new in RoS are back as well as all my gold. It was a total reset.

    Was this planned or is this a bug?

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  • There have been no deliberate character wipes done to the PTR on our end.

    The behavior you described sounds exactly like the behavior the game exhibits when you press the PTR character copy button in the upper right corner of the Diablo III home screen.