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  • Since this forum has a lot of arguing going on between both sides and its really hard to see the true popularity of ROS i decided to create two Threads One for people who Are Buying ROS and one for people Who Don't Plan to.

    If your on the fence about buying ROS then pick the side your more than likely going to end up choosing. So if your just waiting to see how it turns out, but wants it reply here. If your only buying it if their are more features being added reply to the other thread since its highly unlikely new features will show up by now.

    If you have no plans to buy ROS, or you're only willing to buy it if Blizzard adds more features Reply with +1 in this thread like the quote.


    If you plan to buy ROS, or you Already purchased it please Reply in this Thread.

    I would not recommend Replying +1 on Both or Replying +1 more than once, I'm sure you'll get called out fast.

    PLEASE Do not Come to Either Thread and ARGUE, if you support one side over the other then please only post once in that thread. These threads will get diluted if people keep replying over and over again by the same person. If you keep posting more than once, we'll know that your true intention is to dilute the threads.
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