The Opinions of an Average Player

  • First off I'm not a streamer or web journalist who thinks he's self-entitled to have free access to everything. I'm not a pro gamer with a water cooled SLI rig with 9 monitors. I'm just an average guy with a half-way decent PC who likes to play games from time to time.

    I'd like to offer my opinion to Blizzard about D3 and RoS, not that it seems anyone from Blizzard is aware of the continent of Europe and not that they'd care enough to read it anyway but you know, it'll make me feel better for writing it.

    Ok so D3. Yeah it was a crushing disappointment to what it could have been and what it should have been. It's not a bad game in its own right, quite enjoyable, plenty of replay value. There was a lot of hype surrounding the game which I think was justified considering this is Blizzard we're talking about but in the end there just wasn't enough depth to the game at all.

    Initially the (RM)AH seemed like a good idea. It soon became a necessary evil due to the loot system not providing you with the right gear to progress so you would end up farming/grinding the same act multiple times, if only for the gold to try and buy something suitable from the AH. In the end the AH ended up hurting the more casual player like me but providing the most benefits to the hardcore grinders out there. There were no secrets, no hidden surprises still yet to be found, just a few rainbows and unicorns.

    After spending a good few hours on the PTR I can say that loot 2.0 is a massive improvement. From my standpoint I also think the other changes to the game are mostly positive overall. Yet this is my big issue leading up to RoS. All there have really ever been are changes to the mechanics of the game. Actual meat and potatoes content updates to D3 have been disappointing to say the least, mainly because there hasn't been any. When I purchased the game at launch I was under the impression we would get actual content updates yet we have seen next to nothing.

    Now along comes RoS which adds some nice new content on paper. It seems to me that this content really should have been implemented in D3 from the start. Most of RoS should be added to D3 for free to go some way into turning it into the game it should be. Instead we're being asked to pay almost the price of a full game for what is a simple expansion pack without a huge amount of additional content.

    I'm sure there are plenty of fanbois out there who will lap it up and I'll buy it myself the minute it will cost me less than £20. In the meantime Blizzard, you should genuinely be ashamed of yourself for the state of D3 and the price you're asking us to pay (let alone having to pay again in the first place) to play a fixed version of the game.

    An average non-ragey part-time gamer who doesn't feel self-entitled to anything and just wants to give an honest opinion about the disappointment he experienced with D3 and RoS even though the people who should read it, won't.

  • Hi Milo,

    Thank you very much for starting this thread and posting your feedback. You bring up some valid points, and I want you to know that we are not like the Bluths. We are hearing what you say - both positive and negative.

    This thread is very interesting and it has the potential to be a goldmine for constructive feedback, so I would like more people who consider themselves to be average gamers to please post their opinions on Diablo III and Reaper of Souls as well.