Can no longer access the PTR or RoS Beta; DIIIV loads OK

  • When I start RoS using the app it tries to log on and then dumps me to the login screen where I need to enter my password. When I do that I almost immediately get a 3003 error.

    Just for grins I tried to log onto DIIIV and it works fine.

    I was able to play the Beta before the shutdown and fix earlier today.

    edit: I just tried to logon to RoS again and noticed the Breaking News windows simply say 'test' in it... Still get the same error - 3003
  • The PTR and Closed Beta have been brought offline again for maintenance (unrelated to Diablo III). As a result, if you attempt to log in, you may receive an Error 3003.

    We don't have an ETA right now as to when this particular maintenance will conclude, but we'll provide an update once that information is available.

    Please see our sticky in the Reaper of Souls General Feedback forum for updates:

    Closed Beta Urgent Maintenance - 12/19 (Updated)