Gem Crafting costs:

  • I've been trying out the PTR lately and one of the things I blindly started doing was crafting because the gold cost for gem crafting was a lot less than it usually was (and I hoarded quite a few flawless squares in the regular game!).
    After crafting 30 gems, my character stopped crafting them and I was wondering what was wrong. When I looked at the price of gem crafting I saw that Tomes of Secret have been changed with Demonic Essence. Many of those, I didn't have!

    I decided to check out the Demonic Essence cost of all gem crafts and I was very surprised to see at the high costs for such low lvl gems. I wrote down the costs below for each gem quality of the Amethyst.


    Flawed Amethyst:
    - 2x Chipped Amethyst
    - 10 gold

    - 2x Flawed Amethyst
    - 25 gold

    Flawless Amethyst:
    - 2x Amethyst
    - 40 gold

    Perfect Amethyst:
    - 1x Demonic Essence
    - 2x Flawless Amethyst
    - 55 gold

    Radiant Amethyst:
    - 1x Demonic Essence
    - 2x Perfect Amethyst
    - 70 gold

    Square Amethyst:
    - 1x Demonic Essence
    - 2x Radiant Amethyst
    - 85 gold

    Flawless Square Amethyst:
    - 1x Demonic Essence
    - 2x Square Amethyst
    - 100 gold

    Perfect Square Amethyst:
    - 3x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Flawless Square Amethyst
    - 5000 gold

    Radiant Square Amethyst:
    - 6x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Perfect Square Amethyst
    - 10.000 gold

    Star Amethyst:
    - 9x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Radiant Square Amethyst
    - 20.000 gold

    Flawless Star Amethyst:
    - 12x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Star Amethyst
    - 30.000 gold

    Perfect Star Amethyst:
    - 15x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Flawless Star Amethyst
    - 50.000 gold

    Radiant Star Amethyst:
    - 20x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Perfect Star Amethyst
    - 75.000 gold

    Marquise Amethyst:
    - 25x Demonic Essence
    - 3x Radiant Star Amethyst
    - 100.000 gold


    The gold price is ok because you won't be able to buy gold anymore in the pre-expansion patch. The gem cost remained the same but the Demonic Essence cost.. It's out of control. The lower level gems shouldn't have a Demonic Essence cost at all in my opinion. It would be great to have a demonic essence cost attached to the Star gems and onwards. Also, it would be very suitable if they didn't make them as expensive as they were now.

    The reason for me posting this here is because I've also farmed for a few hours and Demonic Essence is still a pretty rare drop. The costs of gemcrafting in its current state will be VERY VERY VERY time consuming to get the max level gems. Also the drop rate for regular gems isn't that amazing as well. In like 7 hours of playtime I got about 5-6 Flawless Square Diamonds.

    Yet I do agree that it should be challenging to get the materials yourself, but isn't this a bit too rough?

    PS: I also know that you'll get higher level gems from drops in Reaper of Souls, but this is the PTR for Loot 2.0 and level 60s (or the people who won't be buying Reaper of Souls straight away) will have a very hard time to upgrade their gems without spending a ridiculous amount of hours for just gems.

    Also, if you'd like to think of a solution, don't hesitate to post it here :)

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hey guys,

    Just wanted to quickly jump in to thank you for bringing this valid concern up. The Demonic Essence cost connected with gem combining was actually a bug - this will be fixed in a future patch for the PTR.
    The DE cost will be 0.