Story design coping badly with difficulty level

  • I have access to socketed items and low level gems but I am far from the jeweler as I am playing from scratch in hard difficulty.

    I decided to try the PTR 2.0 with a "virgin account", playing from scratch and not copying my 1.8 characters. I nevertheless chose to play at hard difficulty (and it's ok so far). I am gaining levels much faster than in 1.8 (lvl 21 after "The broken blade" quest instead of lvl 16 after completing Act I) and I begin to have access to socketed items and chipped gems. I suppose this is due to the difficulty level and I find it great but ...

    Using sockets is problematic since I am still unable to unsocket. I don't know which level I will reach when I'll gain access to the jeweler but in the while the question is "to use or not to use sockets" (and wait for better gems.
  • This is a slightly better topic for feedback, I'll go ahead and move it for you :)