people who call blizzard stupid, are the stupid ones.

  • I guess people are to emotional these days and can't think logically. Must come with age who knows.

    Everyone keeps saying blizzard is ruining the game, they don't know how to run a business, etc etc.

    But the way I look at it is we are the stupid ones making them money. Their business model works and their billions of dollars in sales and million dollar pay checks prove that. time and time again. There is a reason why they are up there and we are down here.

    few and I mean very few people are probably even qualified to give their opinion because they can logically explain their reasoning. everyone else is pretty much like durrr.. OMG RMAH is ruining the game and user experience and omg nerfs nerfs nerfs....

    seriously... you don't think analyst take a look at their business model to make sure they are still generating profit? Blizzard/Activision is a public company with share holders who want value added...

    This is almost as bad as people saying. "I could have invented facebook" or "facebook is so dumb and all the privacy changes are ruining my experience" mean while those same people are spending hours each day on facebook and they have used it more and more as time went on.
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