[FAQ] Expansion & Beta FAQ (Unofficial)

  • I keep seeing the same questions popping up in the various forums so I figured I would put together a quick FAQ. I'll change it as ane when needed, if I messed up then feel free to post a reply.

    The post is in two parts, the first (This post) is Beta Availability Related Questions and the second is Game Feature FAQ ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8783658363#2 )

    Beta Availability Related Questions

    Q: When does the closed beta begin?
    A: It has now begun see http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/11954350/reaper-of-souls-closed-beta-now-available-12-12-2013 for more information!

    Q: How do I get into the beta?
    A: The closed beta has now started! Blizzard have stated their intention to both use the opt-in system, and to handpick members of the community for inclusion in the closed beta. You can opt in via your account management page

    EU Beta Profile: https://eu.battle.net/account/management/beta-profile.html
    US Beta Profile: https://us.battle.net/account/management/beta-profile.html

    Q: Does pre-ordering the game grant beta access?
    A: No, pre-ordering the game does not come with beta access. Blizzard have stated their intention to keep the beta access extremely limited, so I don't expect this to change.

    Q: Blizzard are hand picking players, I play a ton and I haven't been invited, why is this?
    A: Even though your amount of time played may be impressive, keep in mind that there will be thousands of other people with around the same amount as you. The difference between your played time and someone who got in could be as little as a second, alas Blizzard can't invite all of the most active players because there are just too many.

    Q: When will open beta start?
    A: There has been no information given on if we will see an open beta, the wording in the Blog post seems to imply that most testing will be done in the closed beta. If they do the same as the base game there may be a short open beta period.

    N.B. This is conjecture on my behalf.

    Q: I have seen <x> in the beta/in a stream and I am OUTRAGED both about what I saw in the game and the fact that this item isn’t phrased as a question.
    A: It’s very important to remember that betas are always subject to massive feature changes. You should start, or find, a thread on the subject and state constructively what you would like to see changed. If you feel you need more information, you can always post asking that someone in the beta elaborate for you.

    Q: I got into the beta but there is no new icon in my launcher
    A: You don't get a new icon appearing in your Battle.net desktop application, instead you should go to the Diablo 3 game section and change the dropdown to "Beta: Reaper of Souls"

    If you are still having trouble then step by step instructions can be found in http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/11954350/reaper-of-souls-closed-beta-now-available-12-12-2013

    Q: What will happen to characters/progression a player made on the beta servers after release?
    A: Blizzard betas usually take place on servers isolated from the main game, the only exception to this is Hearthstone which is a special case*. This means that any actions on the beta or PTR servers, such as creating new characters, levelling up, or collecting loot, will be as if they never happened after the game is released. Blizzard have no plans[2] to change this policy with Reaper of Souls.

    *Hearthstone is a Free to Play micro-transaction game and people play on the "live" servers.

    Q: You missed something from this Q&A
    A: I’ll be adding to it as I see more questions posted and answers given. Feel free to reply to it and let me know if I missed something that has already been stated.

    [1] http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/11649795/friends-and-family-beta-test-underway-20-11-2013
    [2] http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8783658363?page=1#13
  • 13/12/2013 14:12Posted by Lumatar
    Q: Happily with a beta i must ask some since i've never had this chance before. The chars and items found in the beta will not last until the expansion right? I mean i will not be able to copy that over to the real game later? So theres no need to lvl up a crusader to lvl 60? Or collect items? Just havent understood the relation between the real game and the beta..

    Certainly not, there has already been one beta wipe and the beta characters won't carry over to the live servers. I don't think there has been any official confirmation of this but, saving Hearthstone which is a special case due to it's micro-transaction nature, no other Blizzard beta or public test has allowed people to carry over any data to the live version.

    We typically always wipe beta characters before a launch, and even at times between different beta phases. I am aware of no plans to change this practice for the Reaper of Souls beta, so you should not expect to see beta characters carried over to the final game. We will of course make an announcement should that change, but it is quite unlikely that beta characters will survive the launch :-)

    And yes, Hearthstone is indeed a special case :-)