unrightfully banned

  • Im curious to know how many people have had accounts banned by blizzard for no reason? I logged into my email today (which i do maybe a couple times a month) to see if i had recieved a beta invite for the D3 expansion and my first email was from blizzard. I was all sorts of excited thinking i got a beta key just to read that my account was banned. It claims i used a third party program to gain unfair advantage aka bots,mods. Considering i never cheated in this game and sunk months of my life into it you could say im quite mad. so im just curious how many other people have been banned for no reason? all i can say is this will be the end of buying any blizzard title for me. i now wasted over a grand to build a pc and another 100 bucks on a collectors edition for nothing. Thanks blizzard!
  • Please contact our Customer Support department to contest account actions. We do not permit discussion of account actions on the forums.