Go to bed everyone. This is launch all over again.

  • Diablo servers busy, queuing, crash. Don't even bother. Blizzard needs a few days to fix this and constantly believing what they say isn't going to get us anywhere.

    "PTR is live!" is more of a "The PTR launcher is live!" so we can test out the new queuing system. That's why it disconnects us instantly or after ~2 minutes. This is the best way for them to test the new queue system that makes sure we are well aware of the DRM in place.

    everyone who bought the console version who doesn't care


    Woo, I was the first troll thread about PTR launch being a total disaster! You gotta be tough when a product you care about is suffering so greatly. It's like watching a thin little child try to stand up, and everytime it's almost up, a random person hits it with a bat and demands it stand up.

    That's basically what's going on with the queue right now. If you do get in game, you will only DC.
  • Thanks for the post! Going to go ahead and lock this thread up, though, since it doesn't seem to contain any actual feedback.

    If you'd like to post feedback about your experience(s) on the PTR, you're welcome to create a new thread! Depending on what kind of feedback you have, you may want to post in a different forum. Here's a quick list:

    • Visit the PTR General Feedback forum to provide general feedback (not covered by the above forums), discuss the patch with fellow players, and/or receive updates about the status of the PTR

    If you do create a new thread, please make sure it contains information relevant to PTR content and what you think of the gameplay. While you're certainly entitled to your opinions and are welcome to express them, the PTR feedback forums are aimed at collecting feedback and we'd appreciate if posts created in these forums could reflect that goal. :)