Strange Connection interupted error

  • Hey,

    So i got a Beta key like 14 hours ago. And i've litterally downloaded the Beta content 3 times now.

    The game is fully downloaded, a box even popped up saying game is now playable. But there is some annoying ERROR preventing me from acessing the game, I don't know what to do, and im extremly annoyed by this problem now. Her is a screenshot of what is going on, as you can see im logged in to my account and the Beta has been fully downloaded. But i can't press the play button. What do i do? If i press cancel installation like i've done 3 times already it deletes all the downloaded content.

    I'm not on a wireless connection btw. i am wired with a direct cabel line

    Plz help

  • Hey Rtwos,

    Let's try a Selective Startup first.

    If you have any type of security program, please try each step below:

    1) Configure your security program.

    2) Disable your security program.

    3) Uninstall your security program, and reinstall it afterwards.