What's New? - A Phishing Attempt Warning

  • I looked at the What's New widget at the bottom of the main screen, and after clicking to the second page, I decided to click the "Upgrade" button to be one of the first to buy RoS. *wink* Well, it takes me to a brief 404 page, and then my Chrome browser puts up a scary-looking "Warning - Phishing Attempt" screen over it, claiming that us.battle.net has been the source of numerous phishing reports.

    It would be nice if instead of a 404, we got a "Coming Soon" page, or just redirected back to the RoS Closed Beta blog or whatever. As for what Chrome is doing... not sure what to suggest. :(

    Galx - Diablo III Forum MVP (Hardcore)
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  • Thanks for the head's up Galx, I'll pass this onto our web guys (and gals!)