Not Available for me

  • Nothing shows up on my beta app or in my account manager.

    It was on my beta app, but it said uninstall and no update was available. So I deleted it thinking that it did not recognize the old PTR and the new one would show up for download. Nothing except the deletion of the old PTR.

    Please give me some instruction on how to fix this. Are there issues right now?

  • 12/12/2013 12:55 PMPosted by Polaris
    I had a previous PTR installed and "D3 Public Test" was available in the dropdown menu of Bnet Launcher App but the big blue button said "Uninstall" instead of play. After some research it appears the old PTR client is incompatible with anything else so I uninstalled it. Now there is only "Live" servers available in the dropdown menu of the Launcher app. I'm in US, btw.
    We're currently investigating some PTR access issues like the ones you've mentioned here, and we're working on resolving them as quickly as possible.

    For additional updates, you'll want to stay tuned to Lylirra's thread here: