RMAH users should be rewarded

  • Players who have countributed to the cashflow of the game and its ongoing availablity, maintenance and development, by selling and/or buying on the RMAH, should after contributing a treshhold amount set by blizz we granted several perks.

    RMAH users are much more valuable than regular because:

    - They spend less time on farming and thereby cause less stress to servers
    - They complain a lot less on forums because they bought the item they wanted, and aren't complaining and asking for handouts, thereby being a lesser burden to deal with
    - They are much more likely to endorse the game to others, because they haven't played 15k hours and achieved nothing
    - They cycle gold into the GAH economy and thereby help determine the actual worth of items

    RMAH users should be awarded perks such as:
    - Extra neph valor
    - Chance to get double drops of demonic essences or random drops from regular mobs
    - Change of dropping higher level gems than those current

    *edit* also include:
    Chance to purchase uber legendaries
    - Chance for a fee to alter or add stats to existing gear
    - Chance for a fee to level a character to 60
    - Chance for a fee to purchase paragon levels
    - Chance for a fee to revive a dead HC character. Price grows exponentially for each revival
    I believe Blizzard should make it more attractive to use the RMAH

    Im not an avid RMAH user, I've bought once and a while. I know people who have spend and sold alot, and they are not alone. These peeps deserve better treatment that compesates for the mob mentality that exists on these forums towards them.

    Getting such perks, would definitely add value to my gaming experience and motivate me to spend ALOT more on the RMAH
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