Why I quit the game

  • I quit the game and I now play Diablo 2 instead. In my opinion Diablo 3 is really the Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 is the Diablo 3, thats how much they went backwards in terms of game play/quality.

    In Diablo 2 you just fast forward through enemys with teleport or enigma on any other class to kill bosses and you know when you see a certain unique or set type of armor dropped that it is going to be good no matter what.

    When I play a diablo game I want to kill the bosses, not the trash mobs running around.

    Also removing the unlimited teleporting by Sorceress (Wizard) set back the game so far, why would you play a crippled sorceress in Diablo 3 when you can play it on it's full potential in Diablo 2 instead.
    It removed something very unique to that class.

    One more thing that bothered me was switching acts, you cannot simply just walk to the waypoint and switch from act 4 to act 1 like you did in D2, big setback here aswell.

    Rares should never had been the best in slot for so many reasons, in Diablo 2 when you saw that special item dropped you already knew before picking it up that it was going to be awesome. In Diablo 3 you have to pick up 100x amounts of high ilvl rares and ID them all and you might not even find a good item within those 100 items.

    Trading, Auction House. Why did you make gold valueable. Why ruin your own game to fill your own pockets for a few months and then let it all die? Diablo 2 trading community is still alive today, there are channels, trading games etc. There is no set price for stuff.
    Since there are no templates on what items are worth it's between the seller and the buyer to figure out what it's worth to them. You trade items for items or runes for items the way it should be, no middle hands or someone telling you what it's worth. And the best of all, gold is worth nothing.

    Potions, why does this have a cooldown? In Diablo 2 you smack a belt full of Full Rejuvenation pots and then heal yourself all that you want, why do you go backwards even with this?

    Save and Exit, why do you have to wait to save and exit? In Diablo 2 it's instant.

    Hardcore, why don't you have permission to loot corpses that have died? This was essential in Diablo 2 Hardcore loot duels, battle to the death and the winner takes the items. This on the other hand takes up the next issue and that is how slow it is to level up a character in Diablo 3.

    Removing fast boosting areas. In Diablo 3 you have to play from Act1-Act4. There are no shortcuts you just have to suck it up and play it through. In Diablo 2 you fast lvl up to lvl 24 and do ancients then its baalruns to lvl 40 in normal then you just get boosted by a friend to nightmare and then baalruns again etc etc and the experience gaining speed is so fast you can be lvl 80-90 within 3-4 hours of gameplay.

    Not being able to make your own game with your own labels for an example: Act 1 N Help etc today it's only autojoining or create a game on the quest that you are at. This also means no Trading games, since everyone is using the Auction House again...

    Levels, you set the highest lvl to be lvl 60, sure you added Paragon levels later on but it's really not the same thing as being able to level up to 99 and in Diablo 2 you didn't even have to be maximum level, being around 81-85 was enough. Please try and be lvl 55 in Diablo 3 and go do inferno, it doesn't work cause you have set a "maximum" lvl requirement just like in WoW, and that's what diablo 3 feels like, World of warcraft.... "I need to get to lvl 60 before the game begins"

    You have gone backwards on so many things compare to Diablo 2 it's no wonder why so many left, basicly you removed perfectioned features that customers would expect to still be in a sequel game and added what you call "new" features that's more going in the backwards direction instead of forward.

    I've mentioned only bad stuff above there are a few things that you did alright though.

    Automatic goldpicking
    Shared account stash (No more risky muling when your friends are offline)
    Graphics are better
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