Hardcore disconnect solution

  • A lot of us hardcore players gets a disconnect occasionally slapt in the face and there are many reasons these happen including server instability, ISP problems and a bad network infrastructure.

    Many solutions have been offered, but always with the downside of allowing fake disconnects to save your character. I support blizzards choice in not allowing a character to survive simply by disconnecting, however seeing as how many players experience disconnects I think theres a solution that gives both camps what they want.

    In starcraft 2 (and warcraft 3) when you start lagging, the game pops up a lagscreen for all players to wait until that player lags out or his connection stabalizes. In diablo 3, it is atleast just as important when you disconnect to have a similar system (pros and cons coming up), as you lose the character you invested your time and passion in.
    The problem at hand is that when you would relog right now, you would spawn in town. It would require blizzard to keep a game alive and let you reconnect to it including and respawn location you had disconnected.

    You could add in a report issue for players that abuse this, though I doubt that will happen alot as it is troublesome for the griever as well.

    - The player no longer has to fear disconnects
    - You can not abuse disconnecting, as you respawn the same place you left when you disconnected

    - Players might have to wait in teamgames when they play with people that have a horrible connection. This however was also the case in SC2 and W3, its a risk of playing online with others. Also most hc players, play with friends, they will mind their friend dying alot more than their friend lagging.

    I hope people will adopt the idea of wait windows (of course on single player these could be just pause). Please /sign if you do.

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