R.M.A.H. the core of Evil

  • No.. this is not the title of the next expansion.. This is just simply a short personal (insert your troll here) of why I feel that this along with a few "other" aspects of this game are Evil.


    "If they sold drugs in convenience stores there would be a LOT more drug addicts."

    That quote is arguable as is the statement that an easily found, easily used system for character upgrades and gold purchases is a bad concept for a game that is more or less designed around the aspect of finding loot..

    Giving players two very simple options of finding loot or buying loot in games today is becoming way more popular. The days of hard work and dedication to learning how to MASTER any game is nearly gone. What is the message to players? If you don't have time, you always have money. Well that's great I have a job and lots of extra money! Diablo 3 here I come!

    The reality of the Empty Places...

    "Money grant me the POWER to kill these uber hard demons to death! WHACK, SMASH! .. Dead. Wait you mean thats it? These demons are not that hard to kill with my good gear? OK lemme find some tough Demons!" (roars)

    Slides scale to MP10...

    "Woah.. 1 shot??? I died in 1 shot? Screw that man... MONEY! GRANT ME MOAR POWER!! Oh.. yeah thats it thats the stuff they are dead and I can't die now either! woot! Ok what's next?"
    Mindless and Powerful the adventurer searches for something worthy of his blade... "Ok man I killed this game easy now? Like wait Brah.. This was supposed to last me 10 years!"

    Waiting for MOAR...

    "well my awesome guy is a bad mofo now.. Let's check in with ol' Bliz and see when we get some new content. I bet they have like 15 new dungeons ready to download for me."


    After hours of scanning and reading the Diablo 3 forums this wayward adventurer begins to realize something. He just ruined his entire experience with the use of a credit card. "I don't get it? I played Diablo 2 for like years man?"

    Sadly... This is what happens all too often. Due in part to impatience and in part to convenience the player has defeated what the game could have provided him had he played everyday for the NEXT TEN YEARS...

    I don't know what the solution is anymore people.. I only know what "I see" as the problem.
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