Bashiok on boss viability


    "If boss runs are viable they'll become the best way to play the game again. We want people out and exploring."

    Now, we already knew that boss runs were not going to be viable. What annoys me is his wording. It doesn't explain anything.

    Viable: Capable of working successfully; feasible.

    Optimal: Most favorable or desirable; optimum.

    I have yet to see a single post asking for boss runs to become optimal again. The request is simply for viability. Or in other words, the ability for bosses to provide a comparable return as compared to other mf methods in the game. How exactly would that make boss runs the best again? By definition it can't. It can only make them about the same as farming champions. Not better. About the same. Viable, not optimal!Though at this point I'd even be happy with almost viable.

    The team is merely applying the failings of D2 boss runs to D3 champions/elites. It's about as logical as making magic missle inviable because if it were viable, it would be the only skill people use. And we want people to explore different skills. See how stupid that argument is? But skills are specifically designed to be viable alternatives of one another. And that encourages true exploration. Not just the guided illusion of exploration.

    People will, without question, find monster dense caves or fields to constantly run for drops. The Lords of all evil have become skippable content...

    I really wish a blue could confirm understanding that viable and optimal are not the same thing. Because I have yet to see any info explaining why bosses cannot be just viable. Otherwise, I guess this is just a rant.
  • The designers have been working on and testing a system that actually ties the rare/champion pack kills to boss kills quite nicely. It seems like it's solid enough for us to talk about the intent and goals even though it's still in testing, we can look into sharing more about it ... SOON.

    I just realized this is another thread calling me out in the title... oops.
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