Patch Notes

  • I have to say these patch notes seem to have gotten really lazy and unprofessional. They didnt go even into what id call general info and id like to see the patch notes go back to what they were before hand. Just my opinion and feedback not ment to insult.
  • Can you be more specific? :)
  • 02/03/2012 01:35 PMPosted by D3BETA
    "Fixed even more game and service crashes"

    If we make visible gameplay or UI changes, we'll definitely note them. Same for notable bug fixes, too.

    The difference with the last two patches, however, is that they've only really included fixes for crashes that are relatively minor or simply affect a small percent of the beta population. The fixes themselves are pretty technical (as are the crashes), so that's why we made a more generic statement like the above.

    This is pretty standard and you may see more patch notes like this in the future (if a patch happens to contain similar fixes and nothing else).
  • Not to sound like a nuissance, but don't you think some of us would like to know WHAT bugs were fixed? If it has to do with game at all, I'm sure more feedback from the general public would be substantial in satisfying the way the bug got fixed.

    For instance, if you fixed a patch with character selection by disabling the Insert key at this screen only, I'm sure there are ways we, the beta testing community, could come up with ways to try to circumvent the bug, and possibly reveal even more bugs. :-)

    We'll detail fixes we feel have an impact on gameplay, are meaningful to players, or could use additional testing, absolutely (we've done it in previous patches). On top of that, if we think a specific fix could use a bit more visibility and/or feedback, we'll sometimes call it out with a forum post, too.

    The fixes that went with in patch 11 and 12, while worth noting that they occurred, were really minor in the end, as well as highly technical, so we chose to do a general call-out. This is fairly common for beta patches (though not for live patches).

    That said, I totally understand why you'd like the extra information and will definitely pass that feedback along. :)
  • 02/03/2012 02:23 PMPosted by JackBauer
    What about the firebat, disintegrate, and rapidfire spells breaking the game bug? How do we know if that got fixed so we can stop this stupid work around turning off Vsync and dealing with screen tearing?

    I'll check on this for you. Either way, this is a fix that would merit a separate patch note line. If it was missed with this patch, I'll be sure to amend the notes appropriately.