Locked Account

  • This is my first post so i hope all is well.... anyways what i was wondering is that i can login at home but if i try to login at my work (i work at a bank) it locked my account and tells me that i have used the wrong password so my account is lock do to suspicious activity, why is that? I can go to all the forums and read everything but i just cant login at work without it locking my account, i though it might be because it is at the bank and they have security but at the same time i can still scroll through the pages and read everything!

    Was just looking to see if anyone has the same problem or knows the answer

  • Hey Rider- resetting the password should help you get back on track here - as others have stated, having one of the free mobile authenticators will help to prevent this from happening. Please let us know if you continue to have any difficulties getting in, we'll be happy to respond :)