Input limit reached...possible fix?

  • So...I'm on MP9 where I normally have no issues and rarely die. I came across an elite pack of constructs with teleport/fire chain affix. They kill me 4 times.
    The last time though, I get their life really low and I think to myself, I should comment about this in chat, and see if any1 else has a hard time with this pack. I open trade chat on accident, so I close it then I go to open general chat. BAM!!! Input limit reached...buh bye stacks, buh bye keywarden, buh bye champ pack I wanted to conquer.
    It's not a huge issue to get these things again so I'm not raging. But I wonder why is it sometimes this error message hits with a certain set of actions and other times it does not. Would it be possible to instead of immediately disconnecting from the game instead give us a captcha and 15 second time limit to enter it to show we are not a bot if the game suspects it at any point? I always get disconnected at really inconvenient moments.
  • Hey all, I've seen a few reports about this today- although I'm unsure what the cause of the current issue is, I'll continue to scout around to see if I can find any updates. Please also update the thread here if you continue to experience this. Thank you!
  • Hi all, just coming back with a brief update here - I'll be going through the thread here and updating the tickets our QA teams have about this issue, as necessary. I apologize that I don't have much other information to provide about this (or an ETA for a possible resolution), but I do sincerely thank you for bringing this to our attention. As ever, if there's anything else going on in the meantime, please let us know by creating a new thread or adding to this one if it does concern this issue.