Authenticator + D3 + forums = frustrating

  • So, what's up with this...

    I just attached an authenticator to my account and now i must enter the authenticator # every stinkin time i log into battlenet for any reason! (even though settings are set to remember me on the forums for 30 days and Not on every login into game)

    What's up with that Jankiness?

    -yes i have cookies enabled
  • Hi all, I won't be able to go into too much detail about how our security works behind the scenes, but I'll speak to this a bit. has two different places to let us know you want the security challenges to not pop up as often. Firstly, when you log into the account with the authenticator there's the checkbox to allow the system to not ask for the authenticator if you're logging in from the same computer - now, the second place to help the system remember you is specifically on the authenticator info page inside the account. When you log into the account, click 'account' at the top, and there on that page near the top, you'll see security options. It is there on the security options page where the toggle for the challenge is.

    Keep in mind that if the system sees any change in access patterns, it will likely prompt you with the challenge.

    If anyone has any further questions in regards to this, feel free to let us know. We'll be happy to chat!