Different errors in Different Regional Servers

  • I play games on both the US and Europe Servers.

    The issue on the US Server is Error 3006 - with multiple different issues including game configuration and licences, whilst with the Europe Server I get Error 3005 and 3007 which are connection issues.

    Oddly, I can sometimes access the US server around 9 AM GMT when most of the US are asleep, but cannot access it 12 hours later in the day. Nothing has changed in my configuration, so i would surmise that the problem is NOT my end.

    Similarly, If I have no issues holding a connection to the US server, how can i have connection issues with the Europe Servers? The configuration of my computer doesn't change - and its the same computer, OS and broadband connection, so how to I only get connection issues with the Europe Servers. Again to me, this sound like a data centre issue.

    I've also deleted the agent file, and got the game to rebuild a new one.

    Does anyone else have the same problem, and does anyone on the support side have any comments to add (comments always gratefully received)
  • Hi Dogwart, the errors you're reporting are general connection/timeout errors. Unfortunately, they don't tell us specifically what is causing the timeout. It may help us to check out the trace route, as well as your diagnostics for the system. If you have a few moments, please compile those and attach those to a ticket for us to review.

    Thanks for letting us know!