I am missing an Item

  • Roq
    I am missing an item that I had purchased yesterday, I used earlier today. It is a chantodos will with a socket. I have an authenticator on my account and can't figure out what might have happened. The only thing I have done differently today is use d3up for the skills calculator. What do I need to do, get a rollback on my account, or is there some other option? I looked at the submit a ticket option, and it only offers rollback, but I would prefer against that if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi Roq, to be clear - although we are happy to check to see if there are any signs of compromise to the account, we are unable to offer a comprehensive review of the character activity. Furthermore, if the item was salvaged or otherwise lost - there would be no way for us to restore it for you. Rollbacks are not offered as a means of procuring lost items, but are only ever authorized if we can determine that a compromise did occur.

    Although you've probably already done so, make sure to check the inventories of each of your characters as well as the shared stash in hopes that it might still be there.