Why wont Blizzard help me?

  • The blizzard AH conversion rate is, 40,000,000 gold for 10 dollars am I wrong? So selling this gold on the AH to turn it back into real money =, 40,000,000 gold = 10.00 (-15% transaction fee.) = 8.50. Based on these calculations that are on the AH for everyone to clearly see. I sold 80,000,000 gold for 1.70$. Do you not see the problem seriously? Do I have to call someone instead of not getting any help in this matter from you or your team? answer me truthfully, HOW do you not see the problem?

    I have been screwed over by this AH so many times now it's ridiculous. Selling gold on the RMAH is perfectly legal, so why does 75% of the time I get screwed out of my money. Perfect example up top.
    I do not agree with your "Gold pooling" methods. This method goes like this, or in my opinion has worked on me like this, 40,000,000 gold posted on RMAH to sell. Blizzard sells 10,000,000 gold worth of my AH,( (First problem comes) If i only want to sell 10,000,000 wouldnt I have posted 10? What gives you the right to sell partial amounts of people auctions? Now my big problem is when I get the money for the 10,000,000 gold sold. Awesome. So where is the other 30,000,000 million? OH the 20 tickets I have open about it says "Please keep in mind that we can ONLY view the auctions, we can not adjust them or provide anything for it" And please open a forum about the bug. Are you even serious Blizzard? I open the forums and within 10 mins, they are deleted. Im screwed out of gold/money and Blizzard just grins and walks on. could have took me to dinner before you screwed me. I urge you all to watch your auctions carefully.
  • Hi Izzy, I'm having us look into the issue again for you and we'll back in touch through the support ticket as soon as we're able.

    Thank you for your patience, we sincerely appreciate it!

    As ever, if anyone has any questions or concerns with their accounts you are welcome to contact us.

    Blizzard CS