Wow....I am banned....permanently?

  • What the hell is this? After four days of "investigations" Blizzard has banned my diablo 3 account.

    I know what most of you would say. "Hacker, exploiter! 2 bees 2 bees Dupe!!"

    And I can tell you here and now that I have in fact not participated in this scandal, I have not used the RMAH and I have not had any interactions with dupers/cheaters. I have however sold my gems on the auction house at a whopping 35m each. That's right I have sold my radiant star gems ( acquired prior patch 1.0.8) at 35m each because hey! I just logged on and the floor cap of gold dropped 10 fold so it's only natural for me to assume that the prices of gems would go up. But what I did no expect is to get a suspension and NOW I am completely banned....Why!?

    How is this possible? I didn't abuse the TOS, I haven't done anything illegal/illicit or wrong.

    This was a complete shock right down to the core. What is wrong with Blizzard?

    Ban reason: N/A ...What? I want to know what the hell I did that deserves a perma-ban.

    This is the email from Blizz

    I hope this thread won't be deleted, I don't think it violates any forum rules.
  • Hi all, through reading the posts here I see that while some of you have had the accounts reviewed, others may have not yet asked for our assistance. As ever, we do encourage you to let us know if you have any questions. Although we're not always able to go into specific detail about why an account action may have happened, we'll do our best to provide as much detail as possible and/or address any further concerns in regards to the account.

    If you have an account that you would like us to review, please submit the ticket here, and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.