Can't log into the Auction House.

  • Have had this game for about 2 weeks now after waiting the initial 72 hour "verification period" (which is bullcrap by the way when the money went through right away). But okay, I put up with that. I didnt trade or anything those first 3 days.

    but now with this new patch, I logged in, and it won't let me get into the Auction house again. It's blacked out saying I need to "wait for 72 hour verification period again".

    And now thanks to this, I got screwed out of millions of potential gold due to this rapidly changing AH action going on.

  • Hi all, please post here if you continue to experience the issue, I'll be keeping my eyes on the threads and will assist to help you make sure this gets worked out.

    (Although we're not entirely sure what caused to this to happen, the fix is pretty simple and painless!)

  • Hey I have had Diablo for over a month and when the patch hit my account has i guess been rolled back to a trail version? I cant get on the AH and I cant even chat with poeple. I see the Blue post but he doesnt say what to do to fix the problem?

    I would love to get some help perty plz.

    Araxom on the scene! Do me a favor and stay logged out for about 5 mins and let me know when you come back if the game is still acting like a trial. Issue should be resolved for your account.
  • For real - all the same, I want to help make it so that y'all can get to enjoying the sweet sweetness that is 1.08. Jt3z, is this happening to you too?
  • My copy has not reverted to trial mode, but I am also experiencing the Auction House issue (I can not enter the auction house, and it says I must wait 72 hours for my purchase of a digital copy to be verified).

    It sounds like changing the password is the solution, so I will give that a shot and let you all know how it went.

    That should work too. By all means, please let me know here in the thread if that didn't do the trick. Thanks Ragnarok!
  • 05/07/2013 04:34 PMPosted by Sunshine
    Araxom! We miss you on the HC forum. For a brief, beautiful moment, you were our blue. Come by and say hello sometimes. :)

    Hey Sunshine! You know my heart is with you all! :) Viva la Hardcore!!
  • 05/07/2013 04:38 PMPosted by Snow
    The market crash just makes you wonder if everything will be rolled back, even with the market being unavailable to certain people.

    Hi Snow - apologies for allowing myself to derail the thread - let's please keep this channel as clear as possible for people reporting the issue with the account situation. I am currently watching several such threads to make sure everyone can log in. Thank you for your help and understanding! :)
  • The particular issue which I am dealing with is the account trial status issue - as a former GM I have particular insight as to how to assist with these particular cases. Not to be abrupt - but I have several threads that I am assisting with along with other 3rd party sites that I am attending to. I thank you for your cooperation - again, I do not mean to dodge any other topics, but am focusing on one particular issue. For other such issues, please create a new thread or contribute to an existing one. I sincerely appreciate it.
  • Hey Doom - again, I want to stay on topic here but I will tell you that issues regarding that are currently being investigated. Thanks for keeping it brief here - if we have more information to provide about other topics beyond the account issue that I am assisting with, we will certainly share that with you.
  • If anyone else is still experiencing the issue where the account is responding as if it's a trial, we ask that you reset your password as that is correcting the issue.

    If there is anything else you would like to contact our support about, you're welcome to submit a ticket and we'll be happy to assist you further.

    Thank you!