diablo 3 lag?

  • anyone else having lag Ive been having it the last 2 or so days just wondering whats up thanks
  • Hi all,

    I'll check the thread back to see if the connection troubleshooting page helps. It's true that there have been some issues with the AH recently, but apart from some limited ISP issues, there doesn't appear to be anything on our side which is directly causing latency for D3.

    I'll check back in a bit and see how it goes.


  • Araxom,

    There have definitely been some lag issues these past few days, and on Blizzard's side of things. I play hardcore and am often in a third party chat (such as Ventrillo or Skype) with players from multiple continents, and yet we all freeze in-game at exactly the same time while our voice chat continues uninterrupted.

    A traceroute reveals 100% packet loss coming from Blizzard's battle.net servers during such times, while everything else along the way has an average 40ms ping rate.

    Such problems are not ISP-related. Whatever issues are affecting the auction house are also causing intermittent lag spikes in the game that are getting hardcore players killed! :(


    I appreciate the update Galx. Although I don't have any other information at the moment, it may well be that the maintenance tomorrow has an effect on this.

    As an aside, Lylirra has posted about tomorrow's Auction House Maintenance.

    I will be locking the thread for now, but I encourage you to let us know in the technical support forum if after tomorrow's maintenance you continue to experience the issue.