In the AH auction items disappear, why????

  • In February 4th in the United States service auction put correlated Dang rage, launched in February 5th at the bid to around 12000000, Qipai price of 10000000, direct purchase of 200000000 7 ten million, launched in February 6th, gone, auction records also disappear, before the auction once, order No. 1349780428, in AH search items found is displayed expired, may I ask how is this going, for customer service to solve, game player need not easy ah, urgent, urgent.
  • Hi all, we appreciate your patience in regards to the Auction House issues. I've previously made a post in our technical forums about the issue. We're seeing that the auctions are taking longer, but there are no reports that they are not eventually processing.

    Here's the link:

    I'll be sure to update the threads as soon as I have more information, thanks for hanging in there!