OMG are you serious...???

  • Wow Bliz - Thanks for the update patch 1.06(whatever) that fixed a problem updating from the free game to a purchased one...???

    SOMETHING none of your ACTUAL CURRENT customers care much about as we wait to see if 1.07 can save your silly game.

    Oh, and BTW. The Auction House STILL doesn't work.

    Don't bother trying to list your items unless you have a free half hour to waste waiting for the server to respond.

    Geeze who's running things over there...??? Anyone...?????????
  • Hi there, we're doing our best to get the AH back on track as soon as possible. I've just recently posted about the issue, and I'll do my best to have the threads updated as soon as I get more info.

    Although we are seeing the delays for the AH take longer than anyone would like, they are processing. No gold or currency is being lost in the shuffle. Thanks for your patience!