• So I've had this problem on the Mac client where the "Loading..." screen comes up and it never advances to the next screen. I have to kill it and relaunch D3.

    I thought it may have been loading data but I let it go through the full install and I'm getting this problem one Loading scene in three.

    Any ideas?
  • Did you guys finish fully downloading the client? When you hit that loading screen, you are actually downloading the rest of the game. If this issue persists, the work around is to quit out of Diablo III, launch the game, and download the game all the way.

    Right now we have some problems with streaming in this game that should be fixed with an upcoming patch.
  • Hey guys, thanks for the additional information. We currently have three bugs with installing and streaming, all of which will be fixed in a coming Beta patch.

    The current workarounds for these issues are:
    When downloading the game, wait for it to completely download. This means waiting for the game to get to the green bar and allow it to optimize. When the bar turns dark green and is no longer moving, you should be able to play with no issues.
    Fully uninstall and reinstall the game. After reinstalling, follow the steps for the first work around.

    Again, I'm sorry I don't have more information than that, but these issues are fixed in a coming patch. If you run into these issues again after the patch (no ETA yet), please make a new thread about it.