Show DPS number for all attacks

  • The game currently shows the DPS number for your basic attack when you open the Hero screen (H by default).

    It should also show the DPS for any of your currently equipped skills as well. For example, if I'm a wizard, I'm usually not concerned at what my wand's DPS is, since I'll be using my spells most of the time. I want to know the DPS of Magic Missile.

    Also, as a general note, the cooldown for abilities should be displayed somewhere in-game. I think the best spot for this would be on the tooltip somewhere.
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    And actually, right now we're looking for suggestions on stats and info people want to see on the character sheet. The primary interface probably won't change much, but when mousing over each individual piece of the UI like Attack, Defense, etc. and then clicking on the Details arrow at the bottom, we'd love to fill that out with as much info as you want (and we can stomach).

    It's obviously already pretty robust compared to D2, but if anyone wants to start a thread and sort of gather any ideas/suggestions up, we'd definitely be interested in seeing what other character data you'd want spilled there.

    (same goes for any fansites or anyone not in the beta on General, we'll keep an eye out)