Why Bother Requiring Mantra Recasting?

  • It costs no spirit. It can be recast well before it needs to be. Why not just make it a Passive-type skill? It seems pointless for mantras to need to be recast. It's not like you need to strategically manage your resources to do it.

    Or, to put it another way:

    Step 1. Make Mantra skill.
    Step 2. Make it cost nothing to use.
    Step 3. Let it last 120 seconds, then require it to be recast.
    Step 4. Make it recastable after 30 seconds.
    Step 5. ???????????
    Step 6. PROFIT
  • I thought one of us had already posted on this but I'm having trouble locating it... NO MATTER!

    We're toying around with making mantras more of an active ability currently. Right now it's just a really short duration buff, which isn't very cool, as stated. What we think will be cool, is that when hitting the button to cast a mantra you get a super-mega buff (or effect) for a short time, and then the buff would lower to its normal levels after.

    You can see that design currently on a couple skill descriptions on the site, they're just not reflected in-game.


    Keep in mind it's still all of course in testing.

    This gives mantras a more 'use oriented' flavor. So while it's a short duration that's OK because you want to hit the mantra button more than once every two minutes, it becomes an active skill. So far we think it's working pretty well.

    What we don't want is to have long duration buffs or toggles, because then it may as well be a passive. We want our active skills to be active, and so hopefully this change achieves that.