"Important Security Update"- Blizz was hacked

  • For everyone who thinks it is just an update that is hardly relevant to your gameplay, READ THE THREAD.

    Blizz is openly admitting it was hacked and wants you to secure your accounts.
    I personally did not even know that was what "Important Security Update"meant, nor cared for it didn't seem like much until my friend posted a link on facebook stating Blizz confirms it was hacked. I thought it was implementation of some additional security features that would not even require my attention or participation. BUT NO. So GO READ IT. And secure your accounts!

    Thread lock incoming.
    (But seriously to the blue who locks this thread: Why would you even word your title in such a manner that you know 90% of the player base would just skip over it as they would think it is irrelevant to them? That's just base deception.)
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