Blizzard Do You Not Care About Your Customers

  • I am fed up with all the hacking in the games Blizzard offers. I quit WoW because someone hacked my account not once not twice but three times and cleaned out all my toons. Needless to say I was p***** I gave up on WoW. Then Diablo 3 comes out I like the game I understand people are fed up with the game-play itself but for me I like it. However this recent event of the accounts hacked for this is sad especially since you don't allow people to mod a game they own but someone somewhere can hack into everyone's account and take there information. Even if they got enough to crack our passwords I don't feel you would educate this and just sweep it under the rug with an update as a preemptive measure anyway. You really need to figure out a way to stop all the hacking and bots that is going on with your organization. C'mon WoW players pay every single month your telling me with all the money you've collected from that you can't figure out a way to stop this crap from starting give me a break you designed the whole thing. One more issue and I'm done with your company.
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