"Deleted" Replies in New Blue Thread

  • Anyone notice how many deleted posts there are in the new blue thread?


    I have never written a post and bothered to retract it later, so I doubt each person who bothered to reply did as well. I have to assume the community mod that posted the thread deleted what he could before he locked the thread due to criticism.

    Next to each deleted reply it doesn't say "deleted by Moderator" it says it was deleted by the individual who wrote it. Why not be honest, Blizz. Don't add insult to injury.

    Seems like the mod couldn't lock the thread fast enough, and took as many replies as he could with him before he did. It's offensive enough to be peddled a book after disregarding our complaints on the forums, but don't delete our replies and then try to cover it up.

    EDIT: Some people have written that it’s against the rules to post about a moderated or locked thread. Let me just say this, it's hard to read every shred of policy related to what is allowed. Plus, there's a difference here. I'm not just talking about a locked thread, I'm using something that happened in a locked thread to shine light on a bigger problem, the fact that when mods delete our posts it says that WE deleted it ourselves.

    EDIT 2: Again, it wasn't the fact that people raged and got their posts deleted/accounts banned that I'm complaining about. It's how when they do get mod'ed, it says "deleted by (insert user name here)" next to it.

    EDIT 3: There are 3 blue posts in this thread, although the blue tab to jump from blue to blue isn't working. You'll need to manually scan the pages to find the second and third.
  • 07/02/2012 01:12 PMPosted by JdotRdot
    Next to each deleted reply it doesn't say "deleted by Moderator" it says it was deleted by the individual who wrote it. Why not be honest, Blizz. Don't add insult to injury.

    That's just the way the forum works. We don't have the ability to edit it, it just always shows the author's name there. I agree it's misleading. That thread was absolutely moderated very heavily for off-topic comments.
  • 07/02/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Grimdorf
    Thanks for being honest there Bash. Now do you think y'all (CM's) could start communicating with the community more frequently and addressing the concerns of this game's (dwindling) player base? People were rightfully angry to see the first blue post in 3 days was dealing with some novel instead of addressing the multiple concerns the player base has, like the newly found elemental dmg increase for starters.

    It was the weekend. Friday is a very busy day for us so we generally don't have time to make forum posts, and then it was the weekend.

    The designers don't write the books and sculpt the toys. I understand to some degree that doesn't matter, there's a sense of wanting concern X addressed before you see us say anything else about anything, but we have a lot of parts moving at the same time. So even if you want us to do nothing but nerf Ghom, that's unlikely to be how things work out.
  • Another lie and treating your customers like a dumb kid?
    Do you want me to link other posts that got heavily deleted and locked due to negative publicity instead of 'oh it was off topic'?

    I wasn't talking about another thread. I was talking about one specific thread. Why you gotta get all cray?
  • 07/02/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Collosius
    In seriousness, all you guys have to do is communicate. We've explained what we the players see as issues with this game. We've expressed that we want to see Diablo 3 succeed and the majority of us are willing to ride out the storm as long as we know that these issues are being worked on and are a priority to the developers.

    Word. And I get that. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on that's taken us away from the forums. Hang tough, we'll be able to chat more soon.