• I never seen a sadder bunch of whiners in my life. Die less, play a lower difficulty if you need to, get some gear with +gold find, adjust. They are combating glass cannon builds if you havnt noticed from some of the other changes. People just don't like changes and fail to see when they are better for the whole of the game in combating unintended play styles that are giving certain classes an advantage over others. Yes I am talking about Demon Hunters and Wizards being able to glass cannon and death rush there way through to act 4 inferno and farming easy mini bosses for Phat Lewtz (I was one of them). I play a Demon Hunter and prior to 1.03 I was glass cannon and made it to Inferno Diablo and could farm where ever I please (with many deaths in some cases) but I never let a tough pack get the better of me no matter how many times I had to die I eventually got them!

    Obviously following the patch, this is not a very practical play style and can become very costly and far from profitable. So did I whine and cry and and kick and scream like a 2 year old when Blizz took away my toy and made it harder for me? I have a 2 year old and I know, as a parent, that it wasn't going to get me anywhere (except maybe sent to the naughty corner)

    So I did what an adult would do and I adjusted to the changes. I threw aside my glass cannon days and picked up some Dex/Vit/Resists gear (with gold find if available) and I changed the way I played to suit the changes that were obviously implemented to combat what was quickly leading to a failing economy. As a follower of the stock marker and the global economy I have a pretty good understanding of how inflation works and some of the tactics used by the global powers to control it.

    So in closing all I really have to say is you have a choice. You can be a 2 year old, kick and scream and beg and plead and cry and whine and quit until they meet your every demand. Or you can grow up and act like an adult and adjust to the changes accordingly. I am still profitiable and im not afraid to farm act 3 hell with gold find gear if thats what it takes to make a buck. There will be many changes made in the near future in the attempt to stabalize and balance the game economy and gameplay and I can assure you that we will not like all of them.

    So make your choice now and SUCK IT UP OR QUIT. Just please, STOP CRYING!, your not a 2 year old...
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