NVidia 3D Vision and Diablo 3

  • I briefly browsed the forums and didn't see anything recently about 3D Vision. I experienced the crash bug when getting to the character login screen, but was able to resolve it by the suggested fix (removing TCP/IP 6 and setting the google DNS). In regards to 3D vision, there is a long way to go. I'm not sure if this is a huge focus right now, but I wanted to give some feed back.

    Overall, the parts that do work in 3D look amazing! In fact, I personally don't find the game visually impressive until 3D is in effect so I hope by release time 3D vision is fully supported.

    Things that don't work:
    * The cursor is not in 3D, which will make you click slightly off of where you want to click.
    * Menus are not in 3D, creating a flat and out of place look in the 3D settings.
    * Ghosting is very evident when anything is in bright light; flames, doorways, etc.

    If there appears to be any interest I'd be happy to continue to provide more feedback.
  • This is feedback on nVidia 3D. Moving it to the Feedback forums.