If Blizzard ran a Fire Department...

  • 911 Operator: Hello do you have an emergency?

    Caller: Yes my house is on fire, please hurry!

    911 Operator: I have dispatched the fire department. Should take no longer then three or four weeks. Until then, do you have some lawn furnature or a swing you can relax on until the firemen arrive?

    Caller: Yeah I'm on, wait....what?

    911 Operator: Well sir, if you do not have any kind of lawn furnature you can order some through our new Fire-Auction sales program. There you will find some great gifts while you wait.

    Caller: If you guys hurry and put out my fire I won't need to sleep on my lawn. PLEASE HURRY!

    911 Operator: Like I said you can expect the fire department to arrive within the next three to four weeks. Do you have a PayPal account sir?

    911 Operator: SIR?

    Inferno Act 2 anyone?
  • Flawless analogy! It doesn't seem very fitting for the forums though. Thanks!