• My entire life was changed for the better this day. The once bland forum icons that used to abuse me mentally were finally gone. The inner battle I had within myself to leave them, or kill them once and for all, is now gone. A new colorful shred of peace and harmony has distilled upon us from the Heavens themselves. We will never, NEVER go back to the ways of the old, for our memories will prepare us for its tyranny. Willingly, we fight on, into the light, guided now by a full spectrum of colorful buttons. I kneel before my comrades, for a victory has been had this day. We now, as men, have colorful buttons to press.
  • Web updates (like the new icons) are handled by our web team, not the game development team.

    Similarly, polls that we post are handled by the community team, not the game development team.

    These are small things we can do to improve the site and how different players use it; they do not impact game development.

    So, my loquacious button much I enjoy great satire, I'm going to ask you to please stop trolling. ;)