Punish people for listing at $250

  • I think for the game economy to work (for both gold and RMAH) you need to start to punish people who list auctions too high that never sell.

    This would mean the AH's wouldnt be as clogged up as they are with terrible loot listing for 10 million gold etc that never sell, and have identical bid as they do buyout. a system where a deposit is required for a set % of the initial bid required would work, which would be refunded on sale, or if not sold, simply lost.

    Greed in this game will kill the economy, items need to be taken out of the economy in order to keep the economy somewhat level.

    Nobody is spending 200 million on 1 single item in the game. If people are spending 250 bucks on a single item in they game, they are insane; as someone who has a disposable income, there is no way in hell i would spend more than 50 bucks on a virtual item having payed 120 bucks (CE) for my copy of the game.

    Blizzard, please act on this.
  • If you really believe that's too high a price, Duane, you should absolutely not pay it. The market's going to be driven by demand -- not to sound like an economic scholar or anything :P -- and it'll probably be pretty unpredictable for a little while in the early stages of the RMAH release. But we really shouldn't be in the business of dictating what prices should be for things.

    Your point about auction house clutter, however, is duly noted. I think a lot of that has more to do with our need to make some additional improvements to the auction house UI and search functionality.
  • But we really shouldn't be in the business of dictating what prices should be for things.

    Aren't you dictating the prices by imposing a 250$ limit in the first place?

    That has more to do with legalities and the limits of real currency that can reasonably be held as a Battle.net Balance on your account. We'd still prefer not to micromanage demand.
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    Go to bed Zarhym, you have to be up early to nerf Soul Rippers. :-)

    el oh... I forgot the rest.

    I angrily fought them off while laughing maniacally last night, just after commiserating with you all on the forums. ;)
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    Bill Hicks would be rolling in his grave

    Don't you ever throw Hicks at me and purport to interpret his post-mortem thoughts on any subject matter. I've studied more than my fair share of the man. ;)