Please improve communication?

  • I know I've seen some blue posts stating you will strive to get better at communication between yourselves in your own teams (dev vs community vs testing vs maintenance etc), but also with communicating to us (the community...your customers). I know things happen. Testing misses flaws, and things get pushed out causing undesired consequences. But what happened "this" time? It was pretty obvious that the issue caused negative consequences immediately. Why are changes like this not communicated to the customers sooner, and better testing / observation after a patch done to correct the issues quickly? It's not like we have the ability to call up a swat bridge with your customer support to get your maintenance teams / devs together to fix the impacting issues ASAP.
  • We'll continue to work to improve it. We aren't unaware of the concerns. thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated. I'm going to close the thread just so we can avoid it becoming a lightning rod for nonconstructive hate speech. ;)