Anyone else see the new forum change (posts/replies)

  • Thanks Blizz!
  • 01/31/2013 05:56 PMPosted by JosePeppers
    Thanks Blizz!

    You're welcome!

    01/31/2013 06:47 PMPosted by Nilrem
    What had happened is that Blizzard removed the "Advance" option for the forum and now it is on by default.

    We recently released several new features for the website, and one was improving the default view for the forums. The feature had always been there, but it was hidden in the "advanced" toggle.

    01/31/2013 06:13 PMPosted by JosePeppers
    Another good one would be to make the chat gem turn the website background to whimsyshire.


    01/31/2013 06:55 PMPosted by steakncheese
    I hate the new text.

    We also increased the font-size for the forum posts for increased readability, but not everyone will like this. The font size might be a little too big–we're evaluating.

    Also, forum topics should also now share correctly on Facebook, as well as images and videos in the media gallery.

    Please post any bugs you find in the website bug report forum!
  • Thanks for all your feedback! Some specific replies:

    01/31/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Demiwraith
    Some fonts look ridiculous, too, like the name of your character on your profile.

    Ahh... the font change on your profile was not intended and is definitely a bug. This will get fixed soon.

    01/31/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Demiwraith
    Also, I can't click the "1 min" text to jump to the last page in a thread.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Will add this feature in.
  • 01/31/2013 08:05 PMPosted by Treleth
    I can't view individual item stats on profiles when surfing from my iPad any more.

    What if tapping on an item (only for mobile devices) brought up the tooltip instead of linking to it? And tapping again would close it.
  • Oh wow. That was fast. It just changed to show both last poster and last post time.

    You're very welcome, we had a lot of feedback regarding this so we wanted to get it back in as soon as possible. We did like having the last post time, too, so... best of both worlds!

    02/01/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Tiakatt
    I really liked the old text sizes and line spacing better.

    We're still not sure about this change, and we're definitely taking in all the feedback. Thanks for all the replies!