Banned from D3?

  • Not sure what I did...getting an error about some kind of forum conduct, and it won't let me log in.

    Blizzard is banning D3 accounts now for saying negative things on the forum?
  • A forum action wouldn't prevent you from logging into the game, and it would instead prevent you from posting on the forum. If you believe your actual game account was banned in the recent account penalty wave, you should review the info below if you want to contest a game ban.

    Exploitation policy:

    Account administration:

    "Note: Account Administration cannot be reached by phone. The Account and Technical Services representatives who take phone calls will not be able to assist with Account Administration or other penalty-related issues."

    This is exactly correct. Forum suspensions have no bearing on one's ability to play the game. We physically can't ban a person from the game via the forums.

    Apathy, what you're saying doesn't add up.