Make profile page ipad friendly

  • Hi,

    I was wondering with so many people buyin ipad and iphone and galaxy tabs how come the diablo 3 forum page is not yet ipad friendly , i mean if i go to the profile page on my ipad im not able to check the items the way i can on my pc or my macbook

    Howering my mouse cursor over an item i can actually c wat the item stats r on a pc but thats not how it works on an ipad . If i touch a item using my ipad a new page opens up showing that item in general .. Fix this problem please .. Cause i browse the forum page on my ipad from my ofc ..

    Use ur ipad blizz and browse the forum page to understand the needs to be fixed
  • We're looking into a fix for this. Ideally tapping on an item icon will just bring up the window, and double-tapping will take you to the page.