"Extending" maintenance at the very last min.

  • Dear Blizzard,

    Please stop extending your maintenance at the very last minute, I love your game and play it everytime I have a chance to, but when you extend the maintenance for an extra 2 hours it frustrates me that I was waiting for 3 hours to wait another 2. If it was posted that the game was going to be down for 5 hours I wouldn't have stayed up (i'm from australia where its 1am right now) to try get in a 1-2 hour play session before I slept. Now you're asking me to wait till 3am.. if this happened only once/twice then that's fine but you guys do this every week.

    The game had plenty of time to be fine tuned, there was open and close beta.. but it feels like i am still playing the beta version.

    Luckily for me I have a lot of spare time to play but I can't imagine your other customers have time to be sitting around waiting.

    Just speaking out loud what (I assume) a majority of your customers are upset about (maybe more aussies than US).

    Now I am considering if I should wait until 3am (11am PDT) to get in an hour of play time or what If i wait until then and it is extended until 1pm PDT?

    You guys are a professional and one of the leading gaming companies today, please act like it.

  • Please see the following discussion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5762727834#18